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First Steps to
Musical Literacy

My Signature Notation Designed To Teach Beginners To Read Music With Ease


The Stress-Free Approach to Reading Music

Introducing the First Steps to Musical Literacy sheet music. The simplified notation that will allow you to start playing songs while continuing to focus on the basics.

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Do you....

Feel lost trying to follow along with normal sheet music?

Get overwhelmed at the idea of reading music?

Struggle to read music and constantly mix-up the notes?

My Signature Notation Will Help You...

The First Steps to Musical Literacy Method Includes:

An overview of the musical alphabet and violin fingering chart.

A color coded system to get your reading music quickly and easily.

8 Beginner violin songs, the 3 scales every beginner should know, and Bonus Christmas Songs!

Is The First Steps To Musical Literacy Right For Me?

If you are a violin beginner with little to no experience reading music, then this method is for you! 

So are you ready to build confidence in your violin playing? 

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