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how to play violin

Hey Friend,

I believe it is possible to reach your goals on the violin!

What if...
You knew how to maximize your practice time to see results? 

You knew what all those strange symbols in the music meant?
You could just relax and actually have fun playing the violin?

Let me guess........

You want to learn violin, but you aren't sure how to make progress around your day to day responsibilities. The struggle to find time to practice is REAL let alone attend weekly lessons. But, even if you could make it to lessons, most teachers and curriculum are designed to teach children, and the methods don’t always connect with you.

violin lessons

You’ve tried YouTube violin lessons and other online courses, but they just aren’t working for you. Membership sites give so much information and you have to look up the meaning for most of the words. Online videos tend to move too quickly and are lacking in feedback and support.

Any of that sounding familiar?

​Well, don’t give up hope just yet, my friend!

The reality is all you need is a structured approach tailored for adult learners that gives you the foundations you need including:

  • A focus on the basics of violin playing with proper technique

  • The fundamentals of how to break pieces down and practice effectively

  • How to properly structure your practice time to get results

violin lesson
Adult Violin Academy



A self-paced course for adult violin beginners who......

  • have dreamed of playing violin their whole life. (no musical background required!)

  • were given a violin and would like to learn. 

  • used to play in school and want to play again.

  • have a basic start on the violin, but want to make sure they are learning proper technique.

     Either way, this course is for YOU!

I’ve been teaching my signature curriculum for years, and it's guaranteed to get you from the foundations of violin, to reading and playing music on your own. You are just a few clicks away from claiming this success for yourself!


Keep scrolling for more!

adult violin lessons online
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adult violin beginner

With The Adult Violin Academy you will get:

  • Step-by-Step Curriculum so you can work on the basics in a logical format
    WITHOUT being overwhelmed by the amount of information.

  • Self-Paced Guides so you can go at your own pace and repeat material as needed.

  • Professional Feedback to help you set goals and monitor your progress.

  • Accountability to help you keep regular practice in your daily life.

Treble Clef

Violin Foundations

Learn basic finger patterns, scales, and notation through songs like Danny Boy, Star Wars and more! 

eighth notes

Rhythm Readiness

Learn how to read and perform different note values.

Violin with notes

Musical Literacy

Perform songs using various finger patterns, rhythms, and bowing techniques with confidence.


You'll also get instant access to:​

  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching calls to help you set and achieve your goals!

  •  My Practice Schedule Workbook to help you create your personalized practice plan

  • Access to a private facebook community to build relationships, accountability, and get feedback

How does it work?

Enroll in the course

Get instant access

Achieve your goals

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"I highly recommend Rachael as a violin instructor for adults. I'm an adult beginner, learning from Rachael for 3.5 years. Having no prior musical experience, I appreciate Rachael's patience as well as her ability to explain new concepts or techniques to me in multiple ways until I understand. She has helped to challenge me and help me maintain a passion for this hobby."

Jen Groh


How much time will this take realistically?

The daily practice plan gives you different options to choose from that will fit into your daily life.  Because it is self-paced, you can take the time you need on each concept and go as quickly or as slowly as you’d like.  


How will learning violin as an adult help my overall well-being?

Music and playing an instrument has a profound impact on the brain.  For adults specifically, it can help boost your overall mood and outlook on life, preventing depression and anxiety.  It also can improve your memory and prevent early neuron deterioration. 


Will this course give me the “secret” to playing the violin?

There is no “secret” trick to learning violin, however this course will give you the tools you need to achieve specific goals and progress in your playing.


I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Send me a message here!

Enroll in

One Time Payment of


  • Lifetime Access to all videos and course material.

  • Year long access to
    bi-weekly group coaching calls.

  • Access to my LIVE private group to get feedback on progress videos, questions, and anything else you need to troubleshoot your own practice.

6 Monthly Payments of


  • Lifetime Access to all videos and course material.

  • Year long access to
    bi-weekly group coaching calls.

  • Access to my LIVE private group to get feedback on progress videos, questions, and anything else you need to troubleshoot your own practice.


Hey there, I’m Rachael,
your personal violin coach!

I believe that learning violin should be realistic and fun so you can find joy in your violin playing! However, as a stay-at-home mom and business owner, I know how hard it can be to find the time to invest and get results.  When I first became a mom, I struggled to find time to practice.  I had to learn to be strategic with my time and plan ahead by setting specific goals for each practice session. I created my step-by-step curriculum and practice guides to help other busy adults do the same and become empowered to learn the violin! 

violin teacher online
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