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Violin and Music Sheet

Listen, I get it! You have a passion for the violin, the motivation and the drive inside you, and you're ready to do what it takes to learn this beautiful instrument! 

BUT, time is just not your friend and you know it takes time to learn the violin well. (Which is what you want to do!) As an adult learner, you are pulled in so many different directions with you job, family, responsibilities, and social obligations. It's hard to find the structure and time to practice and no one seems to take the time to show you how to use your time effectively. Like what in the world are you supposed to focus on first when everything seems so important and overwhelming??

Do you ever just need someone to address your unique needs as an adult learner? To see you as a whole person and to help give you a realistic practice structure and routine?

Do these words make you overwhelmed and want to pack up and just forget the whole thing?


violin teacher online

Well, you are in the right place my friend!

I'm here to help you practice efficiently so
you can start seeing progress now!

online violinist

Hey There!

I'm Rachael, and I work with adult violin learners who love the joy of creation and making beautiful music on their instruments.


I help my students make consistent progress with a realistic schedule and practice routine that works for busy adults.


My students gain confidence as they grow in their musicianship alongside a community of other adult learners.


With my music education degree, 15+ years of teaching experience, and my own personal experience learning multiple instruments, I have helped dozens of adults find success and joy learning the violin.

Want to get to know me a little more?

I began my journey with the violin as a scrawny little 8 year old.  I still clearly remember the day I got my first violin!  It was during the “Arts, Beats, and Eats” Festival in Pontiac, MI, and I can even remember the smell of the music shop.  I was SO excited!  When I got home, my mom took pictures of me proudly holding my violin case.  However, when I opened it and tried to play, I thought it was broken!  Come to find out that you have to tighten the bow and apply rosin. :)

violin student
Violin player
Violin beginner

Fast forward through the years of music camps, youth symphonies, and a music education degree to being a middle school orchestra teacher, private lesson instructor, and performer. I was doing it all and enjoying every minute of it! But, after my husband and I had our first son in 2019, it didn’t take me long to realize something needed to change. 


I simply didn’t have the time and energy to work full time, plus have two part time jobs, and then come home to be a mom (I like to think I can do it all, but even superwoman has limitations!). I quit my school job and taught private lessons from my home. At first, I took on anyone and everyone to help my husband make ends meet for our growing family. Over time though, I started to notice something that I didn't anticipate. 

I started looking forward to my lessons with my adult students the most. I had always loved teaching my younger students, but my older students gave me a break from the parenting aspect of teaching and allowed me to really geek out about my area of expertise. We could have mature conversations, dive into topics like composition and theory, and we became friends and accountability partners. Lessons were less "do what I do" and more of an exploration of different musical aspects and addressing the person as a whole. 

However, my adult students were also the ones that struggled to stay consistent in their practice and lessons. I had several students quit due to financial concerns, job interruptions, and life stress. Sadly, most of them didn't continue playing and I wanted to come up with a way to help bridge the gap.  


That’s exactly why I developed The Adult Violin Academy. As a mom to 3 little kiddos as well as running my own business, I know what it's like to struggle trying to balance everything! I've had to create my own strategies to maximize my time and get creative to see consistent practice in my own life. I created my signature program to give students like you an adult-centered, self-paced curriculum, with the structure and accountability you need.

In The Adult Violin Academy, you don't just get an amazing adult-centered curriculum. You also become a part of the TAVA community. This amazing group is here to help you finally find the consistency, progress, and success you've been looking for! And of course I am here too as your personal violin coach.


Besides being a music educator and wife/mom, I LOVE summer, coffee, working out, and reading.  I'm a low-key crunchy mom and enjoy healthy living and doing things naturally. My favorite place to be is by the ocean. 

Meet My Family

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