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My Favorite Violin Tools

Here are my favorite tools and resources that I use myself and with my students in violin playing. 

Shoulder Rests

Kun- Great general shoulder rest for most players. Sturdy and comfortable.

Everest- Not as adjustable, but sturdy and durable.

BonMusica- Very adjustable and sturdy. Great for taller necks.


Bernardel- My long standing go-to rosin. :)

Melos Light Rosin- Liked the sound quality and grit, but personally felt like it created a lot of dust.

Hill Dark Rosin- My favorite dark rosin.

Violin Strings

Zyex- My favorite for my instrument and what I use personally.

Dominant- One of my favorite beginner/intermediate strings.

D'Addario Prelude- My favorite budget beginner string.

Music Apps

TonalEnergy- Tuner and Metronome.

I love this app and use it all the time!


If you don't have a piano or keyboard, I recommend downloading a free piano app for pitch training.

Treble Clef flashcards can be found online or as an app.

You can also find rhythm games to help with steady beat and rhythmic performance.

Exercise Books

Introducing the Positions by Harvey Whistler Vol 1

Introducing the Positions by Harvey Whistler Vol 2

Wolfhart Studies for the Violin

Scales in First Position by Harvey Whistler

Hrimaly Scale Studies for Violin

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